I recently came to realize I lack hobbies. That's not to say I lack interests, because I've got a few of those ... But very little in the tangible category.

This became really disturbing to me a few weeks ago, so I ventured into Micheals and started trying to force my hand into the creative. I came away with some gesso and watercolor crayons and the idea to embrace the bible journaling trend. Aannnnddd, nope. Just not my thing.

So, what else is there? I guess my running could be a thing, but I rebel against the idea of it being my only thing. Then there's this - the writing. But, I can't say it gives me joy or haunts my bored moments as the thing I want to be doing. So, no. It's a thing I'm good at, not a hobby. 

Everything else I'm actually really interested in requires money and, well, we're broke (see previous post). So, that's a no on landscaping, gardening, horseback riding, traveling and interior decorating.

So, I just don't know what to be about. And, unlike so many of my friends and acquaintances, I don't have the mom bond or money bond to sustain (or, arguably, distract) me from that truth. I'm kind of angry about that. Jealous, even.  

Currently not sure what to do with that, but working on it.