What makes you like or choose NOT to like one of my pictures on Instagram? Is it about you or about me? My joy or your judgement? 

What equates to "Nope" or "Amen?" Because you care about me and it's something I've posted? Is it because my dogs are in it? An alcoholic beverage is making an appearance It's got a kid or two (not mine)? I'm outdoors? The framing and/or subject matter is artistic? My caption is relatable? My caption is funny? It's overtly Christian?

What gets you to click?  

Because I can't figure it out.

And I've been noticing my OWN like" habits - what they're about ... Which filter I'm feeding my clicks through. And it's been interesting. Telling.


I think it's good to notice our qualifiers every once in a while ... and to wonder: What do they say about us and our love-ability of others??