When did you stop dreaming? 

When did you reconcile yourself to WHAT IS and stopped thinking about WHAT COULD BE? 

I know for many, that time can’t be pinpointed, because it began long before memories are made. For others, there’s a distinct moment in time when disappointment became the chime and everything since has rung reminiscent of that haunting tone.

“That’s a nice idea, but it’s not for me.”

Sound familiar? An automatic thought in response to someone’s posted travel photos, an inspirational quote, seeing an elderly couple hold hands as they walk in front of you, or a church request for servants and leaders …

Such adventure, perspective, great love and connection — I’m not worthy. It's not possible. That’s for someone else.

Friend, hear me: It’s for you, too. Sometimes it’s hurts to dream, but it’s life giving.

And it’s up to you whether you live dead or strive for alive. You decide the narrative from here on out. Did you cease to be a character in Chapter 2 of your story, or do you show up throughout and wind up “happily ever after?” It is your call.