After my surprising and excessive (and, therefore, odd) giddiness whilst buying weed killer for my lawn last week, it is not as though I needed more evidence of my complete indoctrination into the cult of ADULTHOOD ...

However, I jumped straight into sainthood with yesterday's purchase of a HYBRID automobile!

Now, before thou freaks out and wonders if I've somehow forgotten myself completely, (after all, I am the girl who'd gladly drive a jacked up, gas-guzzling 4x4 if it were financially feasible ... and I lived on a farm and owned horses and a boat!), know that the aforementioned hybrid is a hybrid SUV. It's still bigger and higher and it's still a V6. Just, as a hybrid, it guzzles gas at the rate of a typical sedan instead of that of a truck.

She's pretty, ain't she?  


And no, I'm not pregnant (though mad props to Cayla for being the first to ask and Katie for being the first to hint at it being a family-sized car)!  Rather, we've got kayaks and bikes to haul on adventures!

And, yes, I do realize the ironic/contradictory nature of my love for chemical weed killer and my love for my new hybrid car. Perhaps adulthood is a whole lot about confusion and compromise and ever-changing constructs?

Onward ...