When I was in 4th grade, my music teacher proposed we and the fifth grade deliver a musical presentation to the community. I remember it featured popular music from "around the world." Everything was catchy. Production quality was high. (Ha). A few of my guy classmates got to dress up in black suits and skinny ties and sing "She Loves You;" another couple of kids got to dress up as sheep while the skinniest boy in class wore lederhosen and yodeled for a solid three minutes ...

What I remember most is that I, too, had a solo. I recall the less than awesome costume I got to wear: a blue skirt and white t-shirt emblazoned with the title of the song I was to wail: "Up, Up and Away.". However, what stands out in my memory is just how BAD I was when it was my turn to shine. I sucked. MAJOR performance anxiety. Waaayyy off pitch.

Eh, whatcha gonna do? (To this day, this is why you cannot get me to sing like I'm serious, in public, ever). But I did it.

On that note, here's to doing something that scares you ... to just going for it ... and finding adventure and story in the process.

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