A year ago today, I got married. It's still surreal. Me? Married? How? And to him? How'd I get this lucky? So blessed? Unmerited favor, certainly. Grace. It seems apt that our first year anniversary would fall on Easter … our joy is somehow more poignant, our covenant … clearer … in light of our God's resurrection.

In Greg, I recognize a different dimension of God's love … one I couldn't have known previously. This guy gets me and loves me despite. He is the perfect man for me — providing in ways and through means I didn't even know I needed or existed. This glimpse of God in man, my man? It's so good. He's so good. And today, grateful for a year with the guy He gave me, all I want to do is praise Him … and pray … pray for His continued guidance, power and grace upon our marriage … pray to live generous lives of service and love … pray for wisdom to love better … pray for strength to beat back temptation … to recognize the evil one and flee … pray for patience and kindness … selflessness and humility … pray for the kind of love and union that points back to Him, again and again and again.

Happy Easter, my friends! Love.