I am grateful for ...

How deliciously warm it is under the covers on a cold morning. 

My parents.  So many reasons.

Wand curling irons - so we straight-haired girls can change it up occasionally.

The struggle to get clients - I'm learning so much about myself, God, the profession and how to help people as a result of the less than ideal circumstances. 

The ability to Google - I am thankful for the ease of access to all the informations whenever, wherever.

The fact that growing up doesn't mean we're done growing. For learning new things each day and changing as a result, I am thankful. 

Pinterest - it made kitchen updating fun and helps make Christmas shopping a little less stress-inducing. 

Random dachshund sightings - so friggin' cute and joy-bringing!

My home - the person that shares it with me, the fact that we've made it our own, the cozy parts and the less than ideal pieces - it's ours and it's home and I'm so thankful for the blessings of shelter and security (and a low mortgage!).