So, what’s happened since July?

We got puppies! Now just over 6 months old, Gibbs and Grissom have stolen our hearts, some of our money, and a little bit of our sanity. Typical of their breed, our little guys are spunky, stubborn and completely lovable. Just three weeks ago, Grissom gave us a scare by breaking his foot (in two places) while playing outside at night with his brother. His little gimpy self should be cast free in a week or so (just in time for neutering)!

We house hunted and put in offers on two different homes before changing our priorities and pulling ourselves out of the housing market to pay off our remaining debt (my car and my student loans). The hope is to re-engage a search in two years. 

Really loved this little place in Longwood, but it needed 70k in upgrades to fit us ...

Really loved this little place in Longwood, but it needed 70k in upgrades to fit us ...

I got busy, fast. My practice hit a tipping point for a bit at the end of the year and I was over 20 clients a week. The money was nice, but I felt the emotional toll. It surprised me and wiped me out. It was the impetus to get me thinking about who I really want to work with and why and that I need to make some professional adjustments in the new year.

The Mr. has spent the majority of his free time pursuing an education in developing mobile apps. Utilizing online resources, courses and a whole lot of hands-on trial and error, he’s learning a lot, fast. This year will have him enrolled in a mobile developers’ school locally and on the way to a new career. I’m excited and hopeful for him!

We entered counseling for marriage maintenance. We both felt ourselves slipping toward complacency and disconnection in life AND our relationship, so we moved quickly to avoid things getting icky. It’s been good. Hopeful. Reconnecting.

We capsized our boat! We’d set out to take a quick lap around Lake Fairview in our sailboat and one random gust of wind later, we (pups, included) were tossed into the chilly depths. For all the known dangers of sailing, I don’t think I really expected that to ever happen to us! But, we’re safe — the pups got above water, the boat was righted and the Mr. was able to bale out the majority of the water while a fellow sailor towed us into the dock. Talk about an adrenaline rush (and don’t even get me started on the two day crash that followed)!

Finally, I’ve been on a (yet unsuccessful) search for community. It’s as though my schedule never works with anyone else’s consistently, so I am forever trying and failing to connect. Most recently, I tried to engage in a women’s bible study that was even a bit out of my comfort zone … but, alas, my not being a mom (and, thus, not having particular constraints on my free time) and having an atypical work schedule got in the way again. My “word of the year” for 2016 is CONNECT and I've been feeling thwarted in all attempts thus far! I’ll keep trying though …

So, that’s it. That’s what’s been up. I’m hoping to be a little more present here as the year moves forward. No promises though :)