I'm really blessed. Unbelievably. Undeservedly. I've got the best parents in the world. My husband is absolutely perfect for me. My beloved brothers married girls I consider best friends. My nephew is the cutest kid I've ever encountered. I love what I'm learning in school. I work with some of the best people I know. My friends are many and marvelous. Etc. Etc. ...

And instead of concentrating on why such unmerited favor scares me, I'm going to do that thing I'm slowly learning to do better — bask in it for a second:

Saturday morning the Mr. went into work late, first taking me into Winter Park to go on the scenic boat tour. He knows me well - a boat and a lake and my family and a bunch of gawking at fancy houses? Bliss! We all hit up Keke's for breakfast afterward ... and I was gifted with gift cards enough to get a Kindle (even got loaned an ebook today!).

Sunday night was a wonderful dinner date night at Seasons 52.

Yesterday evening was a rare free Monday from school, so the Mr. came home after work and we took a late night run, changed the fan in our bathroom and watched some CSI. It was an incredibly relaxing end to what was a very stress-ful day.

Then, this morning, the Mr. got up early on his day off to make me an omelette and present me with a new ipod nano.

Off to work I went and there the love continued. iphone serenades, a trip to Jersey Mike's, ice cream sandwiches (after a failed cupcake inquiry) and a call from the mom-in-law.

Tonight we party. Casually. Without a plan. And because we can. Thank you Jesus.

*This is one of those posts where I'm writing so that I remember.