A few final thoughts: 

Spanish is no longer a language I despise. Now I want to learn it.
I was made (you were made) for nature and its rhythms.
It's not enough to know.
Spirit Air isn't all that much cheaper than Jet Blue.
I'd rather travel like crazy and seek regular adventure then have a big house.
I LOVE my husband. Wow.
Some people are excited by everything … and some people are excited by nothing at all. That's not your burden to bear.
I need to get back in great shape. Mediocre is lame.
You are never too old to do new.
Communication is key. And, uh, it requires you TALK.
We regulate friggin' everything in this country. It's too much, but I do appreciate our sewer system … being able to flush your toilet paper is NICE.
I didn't know how cool my Grandpa's Land Cruiser was when he had it.
Hot showers are wonderful luxury, but cold ones are memories.
"Fodder" is a good word and, uh, "Rum & Red Bull" is a good song?
Smooth jazz always makes for great atmosphere.
The more you fly, the less you worry about it.