I've got this one on repeat tonight:

"The night's still young, never gonna get old
Livin' for today like there's no tomorrow
Follow the grooves, the tires in the grass
Stayin' on the gas like we're never comin' back ...

It's a Friday night, it's a small town girl
Everything is right and we rule the world
Two twelve's in the truck back, beating
A bunch of rock stars on a riverbank singing: 'whoa, whoa, everything, whoa, whoa
Everything we wanna be — We are, we are, we are tonight'"


County music appeals to me for a lot of reasons. Recently, I realized that a major pull is how effortlessly a little bit of twang seems to call forth the spirited youth in me. The invincible, innocent, awakening adolescent, the exploring twenty-something ... she isn't long gone when County is on ... in fact, I think she lives a little for the first time.

When I hear County music, I believe against the negative for awhile. I cherish what I've got for a bit. I think for a second (or the hour or two I can turn it up and drive or sit or dance in it) that there's still hope and a better way of doing this thing we call life ... And wrapped in the sound of a steel guitar and intrigued by an inspiring lyric, I believe for minute that what the songs are selling might actually be for me ... might actually come my way.

What's your favorite music stir up in you?