I'd mentioned to the Mr. a couple months back that I really wanted to figure out how to do better makeup for my aging face. He mentioned back that there's a team of makeup artists that regularly work on one of the shows he freelances for and that he'd talk to them about maybe hooking us up. I forgot about it.

He remembered. Seriously, the Mr. is AMAZING like that.

So, come Valentine's Day morning, I get flowers and a gift certificate for a two-hour makeup lesson with About Face Design Team in Winter Park, Florida. Their team of hairstylists and makeup artists have an impressive portfolio and great reviews. From bridal to live television, they're kind of all over it ... and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them.

My makeup artist was Vanessa. She was beautiful and she was awesome. Connie, marketing and scheduling currently at the front desk, was an absolute dear. Everyone was encouraging and sweet and very complimentary. I felt great coming (without makeup on) and going (completely made-up) ... and, to top it off, I feel pretty confident in recreating the "naturally sexy" look I was taught!