I am grateful for ...

My office — The room itself is in a great facility and both Seasons and my own office have an aesthetic that's serene and pretty and professional. I am proud to welcome new clients into the space and I know my current clients are really comfortable there. For a place that feels like me and provides an environment that's conducive to healing, I am thankful on a daily basis.

Apple — I've been a "mac girl" since 2004, beginning the day I became a design/production intern. A decade later, the closest I've come to operating a non-apple tech/media device (on a regular basis) was the few tragic months I owned an Android phone in 2012. For saving me from hours of "blue screens", hard drive fails and virus headaches, I am grateful for Apple.

My freelance opportunities — For being able to occasionally make needed money doing things that come easy and/or natural to me, I am blessed.

The Mr.'s freelance opportunities — For the places and people that value his expertise and pay him for it, I am thankful.