I don't quite understand the health monitor fad.

I don't get it for non-athletes and I especially don't get it for athletes. 'Cause ain't no training athlete going to use a glorified pedometer to keep track of their numbers! Why? Because it's not detailed or accurate or interactive enough. Cyclists, for example, need cadence and grade info. Runners want GPS and lap/interval ability. And purely active individuals? Those monitors do jack for keeping track of how much yardwork, kayaking, or wakeboarding you did. So, yea, I don't get the health monitor fad. I also don't get the accompanying rewards system theory — virtual badges/rewards for reaching certain goals. Does that actually motivate people to do what they wouldn't otherwise?! I mean, if it does, great ... but does it really? I'm actually asking.

And while I'm on this tech rant ... I don't get the appeal of the Apple Watch either. But, of course, I don't wear a watch. Ever. I don't like stuff on my wrist ... and MY PHONE tells me what time it is when I want to know. How many of you still wear watches and actually look at them? There must be a lot of you 20-30-somethings out there if Apple's heading down that road ... because I don't see many 55 year old executives joining a clamor for a colorful bubble icon menu and the ability to send heartbeats and doodles to one's contact list ...

But, again, I may be an exception to the rule. The thing I use my tech for the most is picture taking and texting - one of which I simply can't do with a watch and the other, while feasible, would require I rely on dictating to Siri - who, sorry chic, STILL SUCKS at hearing me right the first, second and third times. Maybe I mumble. Whatev.

Anyway. Fitness monitors and smart watches. I don't get it. #justsayin